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The DIE is a member of the Leibniz Association. The Leibniz institutes' common mission is "theoria cum praxi": science for the benefit and good of humanity. Since 2003 all members of the Leibniz Association - 89 institutions at present - are evaluated regularly and measured according to the excellence claim of extramural research promotion. Currently, the institute is preparing for its upcoming evaluation in 2016.


Logo wbweb - The portal for continuing educators is online

wb-web is a joint project of the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) and Bertelsmann Foundation aimed at more than 400,000 continuing educators in Germany. The freely accessible portal supports teachers in developing good continuing educational programmes by providing information and networking services. wb-web is the first independent service to promote exchange and mutual learning within the continuing education community. As a result, wb-web contributes to increasing the quality of and participation in German continuing education.


Digital Media for Social Integration

This year, the DIE awards the Innovation Prize for Continuing Education to educational programmes, which are aimed at digital learning for adults to strengthen social participation.

We award the prize to education and learning programmes aimed at marginalised target groups as well as programmes, which address target groups using media didactical design or media technological approach. Previously, these target groups were hardly reached by adult education. The winners will be honoured during the arward ceremony at the DIE Forum on Continuing Education on December 5, 2016.

Events Overview Events

September 2016

03 Sep

OER finden, nutzen und erstellen

Workshop mit Hedwig Seipel



08 Sep

Adult Education in Cities and Regions - a European Perspective

Volkshochschule Aachen


12 Sep

Internationale Wissenschaftliche Tagung

International - Vergleichende (Weiter-)Bildungsforschung -Multidisziplinäre und länderübergreifende Forschungszugänge

Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (GSI), Langer Grabenweg 68, 53175 Bonn.


12 Sep

International Scientific Conference

International Comparative (Adult) Education Research – Multidisciplinary and Cross-National Research Approaches

Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (GSI), Langer Grabenweg 68, 53175 Bonn.

14 Sep

DGFW Jahrestagung

Thema "Die Vielfalt der Lifelong Learners - Herausforderungen für die Weiterbildung an Hochschulen"




06 August

Unterschiedliche Profile – Gemeinsame Darstellung

Das DIE legt Daten und Fakten aus dem Feld der Weiterbildung vor



Cover der Printpublikation
Demuth, Ute

Kollaboratives Schreiben

Jahr: 2016 | Reihe: Wissensbausteine
Details PDF [KB 204]

Cover der Printpublikation
Bjerkaker, Sturla

Adult and Continuing Education in Norway

Jahr: 2016 | Reihe: Länderporträts Weiterbildung

Cover der Printpublikation
Franz, Julia

Kulturen des Lehrens

Jahr: 2016 | Reihe: Theorie und Praxis der Erwachsenenbildung