Liesner, Andrea [Red.]; Kluge, Sven [Red.]; Weiß, Edgar [Red.]
Inklusion als Ideologie

Frankfurt am Main
, Lang , 2015 , 351 Seiten
Pädagogik, Inklusion , Ausgrenzung, Ideologie, Gesellschaft, Aufsatzsammlung


Besley, Tina [Hrsg.]; Peters, Michael A. [Hrsg.]; Freire, Paulo [gefeierte Person]
Paulo Freire

the global legacy

New York [u.a.]
, Lang , 2015
Freire, Paulo, Pädagogik, Philosophie, Theorie, Soziale Gerechtigkeit This collection is the first book devoted to Paulo Freire's ongoing global legacy to provide an analysis of the continuing relevance and significance of Freire's work and the impact of his global legacy. The book contains essays by some of the world's foremost Freire scholars - McLaren, Darder, Roberts, and others - as well as chapters by scholars and activists, including the Maori scholars Graham Hingangaroa Smith and Russell Bishop, who detail their work with the indigenous people of Aotearoa-New Zealand. The book contains a foreword by Nita Freire as well as chapters from scholars around the world including Latin America, Asia, the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. With a challenging introduction from the editors, Michael A. Peters and Tina Besley, this much-awaited addition to the Freire archive is highly recommended reading for all students and scholars interested in Freire, global emancipatory politics, and the question of social justice in education. (Verlag)