The local ethics committee at the DIE began its work in the summer of 2018. It has set itself the task of advising researchers on questions of ethical research. All DIE departments are represented in the local ethics committee to guarantee the competent and adequate assessment of the interdisciplinary work at the DIE.

The committee follows guidelines of the German Educational Research Association (GERA), German Psychological Society (DGPs) and German Research Foundation (DFG). Its work includes a wide range of data collection methods (e.g. questionnaires, performance tests, interviews) as well as data analyses (qualitative and quantitative).

The local ethics committee strives to assure scientific quality. Based on its close integration of ethical and data protection aspects, it plays a significant role in developing sustainable and transparent research processes. In consequence, the local ethics committee is an important element of research-based future prospects at the DIE.

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Dr. Andreas Martin

Deputy Chairman



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last changed: 11/17/2020