Volume 1/2017

Enabling teaching and learning processes in adult educational organisations

at the intersection of organisation, interaction and profession research

Edited by Julia Franz (Tübingen) & Josef Schrader (Bonn)

Submission of manuscripts: January 6, 2017

Publication date: April 2017

Call for Papers


Volume 2/2017

Writing history and source criticism in adult education

Aspects of an adult educational history including source and archive reflections

Edited by Christian H. Stifter (Wien) & Philipp Gonon (Zürich)

Submission of manuscripts: April 15, 2017

Publication date: August 2017

Call for Papers


Volume 3/2017

Adult education and the rise of "Open"

Edited by John Field (Stirling)

Submission of manuscripts: August 1, 2017

Publication date: December 2017

Call for Papers


Letzte Änderung: 07/05/2017