The department focuses on the continuing education system in Germany and investigates the effects of institutional regulations. The department's leading question is: How can continuing education systems be designed to enhance participation and competences and reduce social disparities? This includes an analysis of the German federal states as well as a cross-country comparison on an international level. Thus, participant structures, financing arrangements, stakeholders, and legal bases are analysed from a comparative perspective. The department aims to gather more management-related knowledge about the continuing education system as well as about the effects of policy making in federal structures.

The department "System and Politics" focuses its overall tasks on contributing to the future-oriented design and management of the educational system with basic analyses and by providing current management-related information. The department's perspective is mainly social frame conditions, which are relevant for continuing education, the initiatives of political as well as social stakeholders and their effects on structures of continuing education providers, on continuing education programmes, and participation throughout life.


Head of Department

Dr. Sarah Widany

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