The department “Organisation and Programme Planning” carries out research on developments in continuing education organisations and programme planning. It focuses on the actions of staff who manage educational institutions, design educational programs and have to take into account the concerns of teaching staff and other stakeholders.

The focus is on the following questions in particular:

  • What characterizes cooperation between managing and planning personnel within organisations offering adult and continuing education?
  • How does planning activity take into account the expectations of different stakeholders?
  • How can the professional planning of educational programmes and provisions be used effectively to encourage adults to participate and succeed in continuing educational schemes?

With this orientation of its research activities, the department is breaking new ground: it is researching the so far little-studied collaboration of the various groups of persons and stakeholders in continuing education institutions and is interested in whether and how this coordination of actions contributes to enabling adult learning. The focus is on what distinguishes the collaboration of managerial and planning staff in adult and continuing education organizations. The research and development work aims at scientific knowledge about conducive constitutional conditions and organizational structures, about effective leadership action and about professional planning of programs and offers.


All projects of the department "Organization and Program Planning

Acting head

Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader





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