DIE offers internship for students of German and European universities. The internship is aimed at intensifying theoretical knowledge through practical experience, as well as gaining a clear understanding of everyday activities in the aspired profession, gathering information on essential additional qualifications, as well as reviewing and possibly altering the major field of study. Topics for final thesis can be developed and potential employers be contacted.

Basic preconditions

  • Applications are open for students of educational sciences, social sciences, psychology and adminstrative sciences (information on application and selection procedure).
  • Students are required to have passed their intermediate examination and/or have finished the 5th semester.
  • A main focus is requested during the internship. It should also provide a general overview of the DIE field of work. Students are expected to colaborate independently in a project or develop individual topics, which may be included in the DIE work context.
  • Internships are offered for a minimum of four week and a maximum duration of six months. The working week consists of 39 hours. It may be altered if the student apprentice attends university classes or is working part-time. The daily working hours may be arranged with the individual team leader.
  • Remuneration is €450 per month.
  • The internship does not include a holiday entitlement.
  • In case of a mandatory internship, special transport tickets for the transport association "Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg" are available.
  • Every student apprentice is councelled by a mentor. They develop a schedule and content for the internship and conduct an interim evaluation.
  • The student apprentice produces a report, which includes all tasks and contents. In addition, an internship reference lists and assesses all tasks performed. At the end of the internship, the intern will receive an open feedback and assessment by the mentor and team leader (information on internship report).

Please note

Special guidelines apply to students from non-EU countries. Experience shows that formalities may take up to six months. This needs to be taken into consideration in advance. The students are entitled fixed wages.

DIE internship is not an internship in terms of §19 Berufsbildungsgesetz (vocational training act). The intern remains a practising student i.e. enrolled in a university with aall privileges and obligations as a student during the practical education.

Application documents

Cover letter with requested key topic, personal data sheet (including passport photograph), secondary school leaving certificate, current enrolment receipt, copy of intermediate certification.

Selection process

Both Head of Department and Head of Sector assign internships based on workplace capacities and financial aspects. Student apprentices receive an internship contract to be signed before the first day of work.

Internship report

The internship report is formally structured like a seminar paper.

The following aspects need to be included:

  1. DIE structure and objective
  2. motivation for internship at the DIE
  3. extensive description of tasks and work during the internship
  4. integration of own activities
  5. final evaluation: What was the benefit of an DIE internship?


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