The DIE is linked with universities, extramural research institutes and institutions of continuing education on a national and international level. An important and traditional cooperation is based on the institute’s origin as the former Institute of Didactics of Adult Education (PAS) of the German Adult Education Association (DVV). Even today, the DIE is deeply rooted in that tradition. The institute became the German Institute of Adult Education (DIE) in 1997. Other traditional cooperations exist with associations and institutions of denominational adult education, residential adult education centres, the National Committee Work and Life and academic continuing education at universities and colleges.

Cooperation agreements confirm the special bond between the DIE, the University of Duisburg-Essen and the University of Marburg. The Scientific Director also holds the chair for adult education at the University of Tuebingen.

On an international scale, the institute has various and intense working relations through networks and individual contacts. As a German extramural research and infrastructural institution of adult education, the DIE suggests international discourses for national contexts and introduces German developments from practice and research into the international discussion.


  • is involved in European networks and associations,
  • is committed to adult education within Europe as well as outside Europe – e.g. the coordination of the network „Professionalisation“ in the Research Hub for Lifelong Learning Asia – Europe Meeting (ASEM),
  • advises institutions of adult education abroad,
  • is an experienced partner in many transnational projects,
  • cooperates with research institutions abroad, and
  • is a contact for issues of adult education in Germany.


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