The DIE supports post-docs with several different programmes

Head of Junior Research Group

Creating the manager's position for the junior research group is a tool for the systematic post-doc support at the DIE. It is based on the concept for young researchers as it has been implemented in natural sciences for quite some time. Following an excellent dissertation and additional research experience, which can be gained in the individual conceptualisation of research projects and the acquisition of third-party funding, the position of group manager for young researchers is offered to one young scholar with the option to prepare for an academic career and obtain the aptitude for a professorship as an alternative to a junior professorship. This executive capacity includes the development and supervision of a team of doctoral candidates and possibly post-docs as well as full personnel and budget responsibility, which facilitates individual research projects and further qualification. In this context, DIE infrastructure and administration can be used. Within the organisational structure, the position of Head of Junior Research Group is on the same level as head of sector or department  (Organisational Chart).

At present, the DIE Junior Research Group is working on "Professional Competences of Adult Educators". The group is managed by Dr. Annika Goeze.

Junior professorship

The junior professorship (W1) was introduced as the fifth amendment of the German Higher Education Framework Act in 2002. It aims at encouraging young researchers to engage in independent and individual research and teaching activities at higher education institutions. As an alternative to a habilitation, it enhances international comparability and is an additional qualification to become eligible for professorship (W2, W3). By establishing a junior professorship in cooperation between the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) and a university, the academic efficiency as well as the research profile sectors of all partners are enhanced. In this context, a junior professorship for adult education with focus on long distance studies and e-learning was established by the DIE and the University of Kaiserslautern. They cooperate in joined research projects, academic publications and events. In addition, the junior professor is involved in the DIE programme area and uses continuing education programmes as well as institutional support and infrastructure.

The junior professorship in cooperation with the University of Kaiserslautern is held by  Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Rohs.


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