The DIE supports post-docs with various programmes:

  • Head of Junior Research Group 
  • Support of visiting and deputy professorships
  • Individual support

In addition to the promotion of doctoral candidates, the Junior Research Group provides the opportunity for those admitted for habilitation to systematically prepare for a continual academic career and obtain the eligibilty for professorship in alteration to a junior professorship. Establishing the positions of Head of Junior Research Group is a tool for the systematic post-doctoral junior researcher promotion for extraordinary PhD researchers. The position's executive capacity includes the development and supervision of a team of doctoral candidates as well as personnel and budget responsibility, which facilitates the implementation of individual, thematically relevant research projects within the departments and individual further qualification.

At present, a Junior Research Group is working on "Professional Competences of Adult Educators". The group is managed by Dr. Annika Goeze. Additional Junior Research Groups will be established in the near future.

In addition, visiting and deputy professorships as habilitation enhancing processes, as well as further academic networking of post doctorates are individually supported. This includes exchange terms, the active participation in (inter-)national conferences, participation in the mentoring programme provided by the Leibniz Association, as well as internal and external SDA programmes.



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