The social and political developments in various parts of the contemporary world, have witnessed the resurgence of nationalist politics and intensification of hatred in the lives of societies. This phenomenon is accompanied by the growing vulnerability of groups and communities targeted by proponents of restricting trans-border movement of people, opposition to multiculturalism and construction of monolithic racial identities. Racism and other forms of xenophobia, anti-Muslim sentiments, blaming of and violence against refugees and other migrants, antisemitism – all these and related social dynamics have become an urgent international public issue. This conference seeks to explore universal and particular aspects in analysis of racism and in anti-racist praxis, that is, in reflection-based practice and practically-oriented theorizing.

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22 - 24 April
Partick Burgh Hall, 9 Burgh Hall St, Glasgow G11 5LN
Regular/ academic (non-member – full price): £100, Regular/ academic (member* - reduced): £80, PhD students /lower waged: £30