QUALIDAT data base operator:

German Institute for Adult Education
Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE)
Heinemannstr. 12-14
53175 Bonn
T +49 (0)228 3294-0
F +49 (0)228 3294-399  

For service issues, please contact Susanne Witt.

Free publication of programmes for providers. The data base QULAIDAT was developed with the advisory participation of a project group comprising representatives from various continuing education associations and institutions. QUALIDAT is funded with DIE resources.

It is aimed at those working in adult education (trainers, teachers, lecturers, learning guides, planners, managers and administrators) as well as all providers of qualification measures for this professional group. Thus, QUALIDAT contributes greatly to the transparency of the continuing education market for adult educators.

The programmes are located all over Germany. Data is updated on a daily base. and generally entered by the individual providers.

QUALIDAT meets the requirements of DIN-PAS 1045 and is linked to the IWWB meta search engine.

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last changed: 7/6/2017