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Irish Links

Development Centre, School of Education, WIT The Literacy Development Centre at WIT houses the NALA/WIT Accreditation project. The Project was set up in 1997 to develop and deliver third level qualifications to practitioners working in the field of adult literacy. The Centre also carries out research into the field of adult literacy and contributes to national and international fora in adult basic education and adult literacy.

NALA is an independent membership organisation, concerned with developing policy, advocacy, research and offering advisory services in adult literacy work in Ireland. NALA has campaigned for the recognition of, and response to, the adult literacy issue in Ireland.

AONTAS is the National Adult Learning Organisation, a voluntary membership organisation. It exists to promote the development of a learning society through the provision of a quality and comprehensive system of adult learning and education which is accessible to and inclusive of all.

The Department of Education and Science is the Irish government department responsible for Education at all levels nationally. The mission of this Department is to provide high-quality education which will (a) enable individuals to achieve their full potential and to participate fully as members of society; and (b) contribute to Ireland's social, cultural and economic development.

The Irish Vocational Education Association (IVEA) represents the interests, at national level, of Ireland’s thirty-three Vocational Education Committees (VECs). As a representative body, IVEA has a diverse range of functions which at all times seeks to protect, promote and enhance the interests of vocational education and training within the wider education sector and the country at large. The national adult literacy service is delivered through the 33 VEC's across Ireland.

Further European Links

National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) is dedicated to conducting research and development projects to improve literacy, numeracy, language and related skills and knowledge.

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) aims to encourage all adults to engage in learning of all kinds.

Vox, Norwegian Institute for Adult Learning, is an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.
Vox is deeply involved both in the Norwegian and the international adult learning scene.

CINOP (Centre of Innovation for vocational and adult education) is a consulting firm rooted in vocational and adult education and provides consulting in the area of policy research, strategic planning, organisational change and the organising of teacher training programmes as well as the development of instruments for educational purposes.

7th European Research and Development Institutes of Adult Education (ERDI) Expert Seminar: Basic Skills and Literacy

European Conference of Grundtvig Accompanying Measures Project
“Qualifying the Actors in Adult and Continuing Education. Trends and Perspectives” (Q-Act):

11th DIE-Forum: Current Issues and Perspectives of basic education. National Questions within an International Discourse: