The Proceeding

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  • The moderator opens the floor by asking who would like to explain their chosen paragraph. The moderator writes down a list of people who wish to talk or intervene and gives the floor to the first one who raises their hand.
  • The person who has the floor reads his or her chosen paragraph out loud while the rest of the participants listen. The participant explains why he or she chose this paragraph and shares his or her thoughts on the paragraph with the other participants.
  • Afterwards, the participant asks if someone would like to add a comment and gives the floor to the people who wish to speak, so they can give different interpretations and share experiences about the paragraph. Once the interventions are completed, the moderator asks if the participants agree to move to another paragraph.
  • Then the moderator asks if someone has selected another paragraph on the same page and follows the same procedure with all the pages in order, ensuring the participation of all the people willing to contribute.
  • No one is forced to intervene, but the people who participate less often should always be taken into account. To do so, a round of words can be conducted so that every person in the gathering gives a brief opinion on what was read. If some people who participated a lot in the gathering, the ones who participated the least are prioritised to receive the floor.
  • When the gathering finishes, the participants agree on the next chapters, articles or work to read for the next session. Thus, the process starts again.

Practical Aspects

In the following, we point out some brief practical orientations to organise the gatherings.

  • SDGs take place in sessions lasting one to two hours, with the frequency agreed on by the participants, for instance, weekly or biweekly, for the duration of time the participants agree upon.
  • SDGs can take place in a normal classroom. The seats can be arranged in different ways as long as participants can see each other.
  • The number of participants can vary in each gathering. It is not relevant, and it does not have an effect on the dynamics of the activity.


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