The portal wb-web aims at supporting the professional development of teachers in the field of continuing education.

In cooperation with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the DIE established an information and network platform between 2014 and 2016. A demand analysis revealed the continuing education teachers' great interest in certified information, concepts and guidelines, which can be immediately used in teaching-learning context and are available as Open Educational Resources (OER). Based on this analysis, knowledge and competence tests as well as empirically funded learning pathways were developed: Files on "digitalisation", "methodology" or "low-skilled workers" as well as knowledge modules and practical material based on typical teaching requirements and tasks. In November 2014, an editorial team consisting of four member from DIE and Bertelsmann Stiftung was formed. wb-web went online in April 2015 with a project blog and was launched fully in December 2015. Since March 2016, the DIE is solely responsible and continually develops user-oriented contents, which are created by the DIE editorial team or contributed by external authors. All contents are available as Open Content. The potentials of social networks - Twitter and Facebook - are utilised to establish a user community. Federal associations of adult and continuing education as well as providers of adult educational content can contribute to and support the wb-web project.

In the future, the portal will be developed into a learning portal, which will contain learning pathways for the promotion of selected competences or skill tests developed in the institute's research projects.

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Regina Kahle 

last changed 7/6/2017