Thematically, the multifaceted dimensions of continuing education are covered from a systematic, institutional and individual perspective to address a large audience adequately. The preparation of micro-didactic teaching-learning arrangements as well the description of political and organisational conditions for continuing education.

The DIE focuses its research activities on the prerequisites, forms and consequences of adult learning. In this context, the institute deals with the cognitive and motivational prerequisites of continuing education stakeholders. A particular emphasis is on educational and institutional assistance for learning adults provided by teachers, programme planners and managing staff in continuing education institutions as well as by those responsible for education policy. The forms of adult learning are - if possible - regarded with respect to the consequences for competence development, social integration and professional career. At the DIE, an essential research objective is to create a scientific base for developing continuing education systems, organisations and adult education programmes as well as adult teaching-learning situations to ensure sustainable, satisfactory and efficient learning.

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