UTB Reihe Lehrbuch 2020The textbooks accumulate the discipline’s know-how and impart basic knowledge for practical and academic activities in various fields. Structure and design are adapted to academic teaching. The books can be used to support seminars or for self-studies by students and professionals: as an introduction to a topic, as revision material for exams, or as a reference. They provide research-based knowledge, support the readers’ scientific thinking and practice-oriented knowledge transfer.

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Editorial Committee

The book series is published by an independent board of university lecturers and edited by the German Institute for Adult Education. All board members closely support the development of each volume and ensure a high professional quality. Board members are:

  • Anke Grotlüschen (University of Hamburg)
  • Christiane Hof (University of Frankfurt)
  • Bernd Käpplinger (University of Gießen)
  • Henning Pätzold (University of Koblenz-Landau)
  • Michael Schemmann (University of Cologne)
  • Sabine Schmidt-Lauff (Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg)
  • Josef Schrader (University of Tübingen, German Institute of Adult Education)
  • Rudolf Tippelt (University of Munich).


Thomas Jung (scientific supervision of the series at DIE)

Inga Enderle (Editorial Office)


The book series is published by wbv media in the utb series. The books are available in the utb shop.

Photo: Marco Rothbrust

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