On this page you will find detailed information on program research, compiled by the "Expert Group Program Research" in cooperation with the Department "Organization and Program Planning" of the DIE.

In the expert group program research, colleagues from the DIE work together with colleagues from university chairs. The group originated in a cooperation between Dr. Klaus Heuer (Historical research at the DIE, until 2017) and Prof. Dr. Bernd Käpplinger (University of Giessen). It combines various active German trends of programme research.

Programme research is a genuine research approach in adult education. It is aimed at

  • providing substantial insight into programme planning and analysis in continuing education organisations,
  • visualising research activities and resources in the field of programme research,
  • imparting methodological knowledge,
  • contributing to sustaining research,
  • advancing a network of exisiting programme archives.

The target groups include interested (junior) researchers, representatives of adult education associations, as well as programme planners in continuing education organisations.

The current offers include:

Here you will find brief portraits of the experts involved with their main areas of work: Marion Fleige, Jörg Dinkelaker (external Link), Stephan Ganglbauer (external Link), Wiltrud Gieseke, Erik Haberzeth (externer Link), Aiga von Hippel, Bernd Käpplinger, Sigrid Nolda, Steffi Robak, Amy Rose, Josef Schrader, Maria Stimm (external Link)

The expert group invites to workshops and conferences on programme research. It is responsible for updating the internet service. We understand the website as a forum. The DIE provides technical support and moderates the networking.


The handout on qualification theses (German PDF) provides a brief introduction to topics and questions that can be researched with the help of program analysis. In a further step, suggested topics are presented.

Exemplary theses
As an example, we present unpublished theses below. In addition, very good theses published in the series "Erwachsenenpädagogischer Report" of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin can be found in the sections "Bibliography" and "Weiterbildungsprogramm-Archiv Berlin/Brandenburg - Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Abteilung Erwachsenenbildung/Weiterbildung".

  • Disselhoff, Katharina (2012). Bildwerbung der Volkshochschule. Bildwissenschaftliche Analyse der Deckblätter der Volkshochschule. Dortmund von 1946 – 2011. Diplomarbeit PDF
  • Hecht, Carolin (2015). Professionalitätsentwicklung von WeiterbildnerInnen. Fortbildungsangebote im Bereich Programmplanung. Masterarbeit PDF

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