The expert group "Programme Research" originated in a cooperation between Prof. Dr. Bernd Käpplinger (University of Giessen) and Dr. Klaus Heuer (Historical research at the DIE). It combines various active German trends of programme research.

Programme research is a genuine research approach in adult education. It is aimed at

  • providing substantial insight into programme planning and analysis in continuing education organisations,
  • visualising research activities and resources in the field of programme research,
  • imparting methodological knowledge,
  • contributing to sustaining research,
  • advancing a network of exisiting programme archives.

The target groups include interested (junior) researchers, representatives of adult education associations, as well as programme planners in continuing education organisations.

The current offers include:

The expert group invites to workshops and conferences on programme research. It is responsible for updating the internet service. We understand the website as a forum. The DIE provides technical support and moderates the networking.


Dr. Marion Fleige

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