The DIE research activities cover all areas of continuing education: adult learning processes, didactic design of programmes, staff, continuing education institutions, and financial, political and legal aspects of the continuing education system.

In this context, the institute deals with the cognitive and motivational prerequisites of sztkeholders in continuing education. A particular emphasis is on educational and institutional assistance for learning adults provided by teachers, programme planners and managing staff in continuing education institutions as well as by those responsible for education policy. The forms of adult learning are - if possible - regarded with respect to the consequences for competence development, social integration and professional career. At the DIE, an essential research objective is to create a scientific base for developing continuing education systems, organisations and adult education programmes as well as adult teaching-learning situations to ensure sustainable, satisfactory and efficient learning.

Research with Regard to Practice

Research conducted within the DIE Research Sector is both application-relevant and fundamental. Based on the distinctive practical relevance, DIE research is conducted demand-oriented and in connection to services. Research associates in the Research Sector work closely in cooperation with institutions of adult educational practice, research institutes, education policy and administration as well as with continuing education institutions in Germany and on a growing international scale. They observe changes in politics and practice e.g. with tools of educational reporting, conduct explorative or experimental studies, and publish academic articles in professional journals and magazines. In addition, data collected by the research associates is available to other users. Research on continuing educational systems and the acting educational organisations are an important field of work at the DIE. Due to its heterogeneous institutional structure, its pluralistic organisational disposition, its disparate legal framework, and its complex forms of funding, there is still an apparent lack of transparency in the area of continuing education.

DIE research programmes deal with issues of continuing education systems and organisations as well as the micro and macro didactical practice of learning origin correlations, i.e. planning, analysis and evaluation of teaching/learning processes in adult education.

More information on our four research programmes

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