DIE Innovation Prize 2020

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In 2020, the DIE awarded prizes to learning and training programs that make teachers in adult and continuing education digitally fit.

This year, the DIE awarded the "Innovation Prize for Continuing Education" to training and qualification projects that enable educational staff to use the special potential of digital media for teaching and training in an innovative way. With this award, the DIE honors innovative achievements in adult education and underscores the important role of this educational field in a changing society.

Equally awarded projects

DIE Innovationspreis


Logo LOVE-Storm"The LOVE-Storm project helps to combat hate speech and cyberbullying with a coherent online training concept," said jury members Prof. Katharina Scheiter and Stephan Rinke in their laudation. In the free training courses, strategies against hate comments and (cyber)bullying are trained and knowledge of how to act is built up. LOVE-Storm supports courageous advocacy for respect for human dignity, promotes respectful treatment of different positions, and encourages the development of a fair communication culture online. Teachers in adult and continuing education learn counter-speech strategies in an online workshop for multipliers, which they pass on to their target groups.

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EBmooc plus

Logo EBmooc plusThe open online course EBmooc plus provides adult educators in teaching, training and education management with the most important information on digital working in practice. For staff in continuing education, the learning offer from CONEDU | Association for Educational Research and Media came at just the right time. During the Corona pandemic, it was and is an important building block for transferring face-to-face seminars into online formats. Because "Going online instead of canceling" was not only the title of a spontaneous additional offer, but also a credo in EBmooc plus that everyone took to heart," notes laudator Dr. Marie Batzel. The self-study course consists of eight modules covering topics such as open educational resources and media competence, as well as an additional final module. It is free of charge, can be completed at any time and is certified.

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Coaches for online learning

Logo VHS Coaches für Online-LernenWith the training course "Coaches for online learning", the VHS Leipzig, in cooperation with the Saxon Adult Education Association, promotes the skills of teachers to design online-supported environments conducive to learning and thus to accompany participants' self-directed educational processes pedagogically. The goal of the training is to enable teachers to independently design, implement, and didactically shape online-supported teaching-learning scenarios and to rehearse collegial exchange. During the training, the course instructors develop concept ideas that they can then implement themselves. The laudators, Dr. Jochen Robes and Prof. Olaf Zawacki-Richter, emphasized the special transfer potential of the project, which succeeded in setting up an innovative and effective blended learning program with relatively few resources.

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Podcast PotenziaLLL

wb-web, the DIE portal for teachers in adult education, presents the three award-winning projects in its podcast PotenziaLLL. Click here for the three podcast episodes.


A jury consisting of renowned experts on digitization in teaching, learning with new technologies, and educational research and practice selected this year's award winners. They provided their expertise to review the submissions objectively, expertly and appreciatively. The DIE was able to win over the following experts:

  • Dr. Marie Batzel, Adult Education Center Neuss
  • Dr. Lutz Goertz, mmb Institut
  • Prof. Dr. Kerstin Mayrberger, University Hamburg
  • Stephan Rinke, Adult Education Center Essen
  • Dr. Jochen Robes, University lecturer and consultant specializing in Human Resources/ Corporate Learning, Operator of the weiterbildungsblog.de
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (IWM)
  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Zawacki-Richter, University Oldenburg


Since 1997, the DIE has been awarding the "Innovation Prize for Continuing Education". The award publicizes new and promising approaches in continuing education and presents them for discussion to a broader public. One of the central criteria for the award is that the projects must be innovative and field-tested, and that they must give new impetus to adult education.

From the very beginning, the Innovation Prize has been supported by the DIE's long-standing publishing partner, wbv Media in Bielefeld.

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As of this year, the "Innovation Prize for Continuing Education" of the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) is also supported by the "Dr. Norbert F.B. Greger Foundation for Innovative and Sustainable Adult Education" based in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The purpose of the foundation is to support scientific or practical, innovative and promising adult education projects, which the DIE Innovation Prize has honored every two years since 1997. The funding directly benefits the institutions of the award winners.


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