The award ceremony took place in Bonn on December 1, 2014 and was opened with the welcoming adress by Reinhard Limbach, Mayor of Bonn.

The winners of the Innovation Prize for Continuing Education 2014:

Project "Hörpfade": Participants in Bavarian adult education centres produce personal audio guides about their regions,thus creating a sound map These audio guides make the variety of history, art and culture perceptible. Course instructors are professionally trained by journalists and media coaches of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR). BR also supports the project medially.

The project by Urania Berlin „Ich-kann-nicht-singen-Chor“ deals with sounds and intends to get rid of the idea that most people are not able to sing. The educational programme invites those, who had not built up the courage before, to sing with others. The choir members produce remarkable listening experiences without reading a single note. The adult education centre Arnstadt-Ilmenau dedicates its annual international art symposia to art education, which finds a permanent place at the Art Trail. The cultural education project invites and integrates all regional citizens.

The special awards go to two cultural institutions: the art gallery in Emden for the interactive visitor project „Ortung“, which offers an explorer kit for the artistic documentation of journeys. Results of the artistic research travels are a successful example of activating (non) visitors. The education theatre project „Trilogie des Geldes“ pursues the idea of a theatre academy for economics. Economic patterns are regardes as theatre scenarios and visualise the economic processes of political decisions in this acting approach. Thus, the project creates a forum of understanding and questioning economic and political contexts with and artistic approach.

Further information and pictures are available in the Broschüre zur Preisverleihung (only available in German).

Jurors' laudatory speeches:

Dr. Olaf Kutzmutz on „Hörpfade“
Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak on„Ich-kann-nicht-singen-Chor“
Prof. Dr. Richard Stang on „Internationales Kunstsymposium und Kunstwanderweg Kleinbreitenbach“
Prof. Dr. Annette Noschka-Roos and Prof. Dr. Kristin Westphal on „Ortung“ and „Triologie des Geldes I-III“

The Innovation Prize for Continuing Education is funded by the W. Bertelsmann Verlag. W. Arndt Bertelsmann during his welcoming adress and presents the cheques and book coupons to the winners.


Prof. Dr. Eckart Liebau was the patron of the Innovation Prize for Continuing Education 2014. He is UNESCO professor for cultural education at the Institute for Education at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and president of the Council for Cultural Education.

Jury for Innovation Prize for Continuing Education 2014

The winners are selected by an independent jury. The DIE was able to win experts from different areas of cultural education (in alphabetical order):

Prof. Dr. Max Fuchs Honorary professor at the University Duisburg-Essen (cultural work), Honrary President of the Institute for Education and Culture, as well as member of the German UNESCO commission.

Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Gieseke Senior Professor for Adult Education at the Humboldt University of Berlin, member of the Board of Directors and expert group Cultural Education at the German Protestant Consortium for Adult Education, member of the DIE Advisory Board as well as member of expert group on assigning results of non-formal learning to the findings of the German Qualification Frame.

Dr. Olaf Kutzmutz Head of programme "Literature" at the Federal Academy of Cultural Education in Wolfenbuettel, member of the Literature Committee in Lower Saxony.

Prof. Dr. Annette Noschka-Roos Professor for museum education at the TUM School of Education, Head of Education Department at the German Museum in Munich, member of the Scientific Commission at the Institute for Museum Research SMB-PK in Berlin and member of scientific advisory boards for several exhibition and research projects.

Prof. Dr. emer. Christoph Richter Professor Emeritus at Institute for Music Education at the University of the Arts in Berlin (Music Education and Didactics; "Learning and testing music communication for adults"), as well as lecturer at the University of Music Lübeck and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak Professor at the Institute for Vocational and Adult Education at the Leibniz University of Hanover, Managing Director at the Institute for Vocational and Adult Education, as well as at the DIVERSITAS field (Diversity - Migration - Education).

Prof. Dr. Richard Stang Media Science and Education at Stuttgart Media University, Director of Institute for Applied Children's Media Research (IfaK), as well as Head of research focus "Learning Environments".

Prof. Dr. Kristin Westphal teaches in the Department Primary School Pedagogy at the University Koblenz-Landau (Koblenz campus), Advisory Board of the Federal Association of Theatre in Schools, Advisory Board of the Journal Schultheater (School theatre - Friedrich Verlag Velber), as well as member of the Network Research Cultural Education.


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