The department “Organisation and Programme Planning” carries out research on developments in continuing education organisations, which play a key role in shaping social and institutional conditions and in creating concrete teaching and study initiatives for adults. The department’s work focuses on the actions of management and programme planning personnel, and their cooperation with teaching staff and other stakeholders, to highlight the following questions in particular:

  • What characterizes cooperation between managing and planning personnel within organisations offering adult and continuing education?
  • How does planning activity take into account the expectations of different stakeholders?
  • How can the professional planning of educational programmes and provisions be used effectively to encourage adults to participate and succeed in continuing educational schemes?

In sum, these questions focus on how the different tasks within adult and continuing education organisations are coordinated. This allows various perspectives and previously accumulated programme and organisational research findings to be interrelated, thus creating new impulses for the further development of disciplinary questions on the meso level of continuing education. In doing so, the department sets out to examine the extent to which internal coordination of tasks amongst managing and planning personnel considers institutional frames and serves as a prerequisite for enabling adult learning. The research and development work is targeted at scientific knowledge on beneficial constitution conditions and organisational structures, on effective leadership actions and on the professional planning of programmes and educational provisions to further adult learning.

Acting Head

Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader





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