Books, magazines and online texts, published by the DIE, cover basic and current topics of adult education.


Direct access to all printed and online publications of the DIE is available via our literature search.


Journal on Continuing Education Research – The leading scientific journal on adult education in Germany. Each article is peer reviewed.

weiter bilden. DIE Zeitschrift für Erwachsenenbildung (DIE Journal on Adult Education) The quarterly magazine is aimed at continuing educators and informs about current events and conferences.


DIE BRIEF - In this format, selected results from internal or external research projects and DIE publications are presented.


DIE books are focused on specific areas of interest:

DIE Survey - The DIE publishes current research results from empirical studies on the continuing education system and the educational institutions operating within it.

Theorie und Praxis der Erwachsenenbildung (Theory and Practice of Adult Education) – Researchers present current and trend-setting research results which can be effectively put into practice.

Perspektive Praxis (Practice Perspective) – Our guidebooks present recommendations and know-how for adult educators.

Textbooks - The textbooks bundle research-based knowledge of adult education and its related sciences and convey basic knowledge for practical action.

Studientexte für die Erwachsenenbildung (Study Texts for Adult Education) - The study materials provide didactically edited expert know-how for self-paced studies or study programmes.

Country Reports on Continuing Education - The country reports provide a comprehensive overview on the educational system in various countries, presenting structural data as well as the specific national features.

DIE spezial (DIE Special) – Covers books with national and international relevance for educational policy. The contents are taken from empirical research projects.

Single Publications – Standard references in German and English containing outcomes of DIE projects and symposia.


The DIE promotes the publication of research results on the "golden" as well as on the "green" path of Open Access; for further information, please see our Access Policy (PDF). DIE publications from journals, book series and other formats are made freely available on the institutional open access repository, which you can query via our literature search. These are provided with a CC licence. The DIE's OA publications are also visible on LeibnizOpen and other subject portals. The DIE is actively involved in the Leibniz Association's Open Access Working Group.


The DIE cooperates with various media service providers and publishers. weiter bilden. DIE Zeitschrift für Erwachsenenbildung and the majority of the books are published by wbv Media. ZfW is published by Springer VS and is available in "golden" Open Access. Our publications can be ordered via bookshops or via the DIE websites for the respective products.


The Publications Team is part of the Knowledge Transfer Department. The team consists of experienced editors, proofreaders and correctors with different scientific backgrounds and qualifications. If you want to publish your research results, they will be happy to advise you on our publication formats, distribution channels and services.


Dr. Thomas Jung

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