The department's research and development focus on personal and micro didactic requirements of successful teaching/learning and counselling processes. It includes the description, detection, certification and enhancement of (desirable) individual prerequisites of continuing education staff, particularly of the teachers' knowledge and competences in all areas of adult and continuing education.

The department "Teaching, Learning, Counselling" focuses its research and development on the requirements of successful teaching/learning and counselling processes. In the first instance, descriptive and explorative research on the prerequisites for successful teaching/learning processes is necessary - particularly in scarcely investigated areas. "Teaching, Learning, Counselling" also focuses directly on teaching/learning processes and the effects. In addition to the basic question "What is the case?", the programme wants to answer the questions "Why?" and "What to do?" (e.g. with quasi-experimental intervention or implementation studies). Informal learning and its pedagogical environment as well as the use of digital media (e.g. as learning and assessment systems) are also among the department's topics. Based on the cooperation with the Infrastructure Sector and other departments in the Research Sector, personal as well as institutional requirements of teaching, learning and counselling are addressed. This results in interfaces to the department "Organisation and Management" e.g. with the question: in what way which trainers of continuing education organisation are (not) recruited for what reason. The department's research and development investigates practical as well as political challenges based on the current state of research.


Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader

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